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1. About The Company


We, J&C Technology known as a lighting-test-equipment maker,
have been the system provider for decades to Korean corporates such as
Samsung, LG, Seoul Semiconductor and research centers. The systems are Integrating Sphere,
Goniophotometer, Bi-Directional Scattering Distribution, Haze Meter, 3D View Angle and Others.


2. Advantage of our technology


We can provide a failureless lighting solution(Solid Capacitor Power Technology, US Patented) in combination
with the most number of in-house LED lighting test equipments and experience & Knowhow
acquired through consulting and testing service to several hundreds of LED luminaire Makers.

A. Long Life Span(SCPS: Solid Capacitor Power Supply)

Our LED Lighting has enhanced endurance under
extremely High & Low temperature environment due to
Solid Capacitor Power, state of the art, Technology replacing Liquid Capacitor
which causes 73% of SMPS failure.

Liquid Capacitor vs. Solid Capacitor

B. Brightness Enhancement (Broca-Sulzer Effect)

In stead of DC Driving, Constant Current pulse driving(Frequency : 240Hz) can achieve
1.2 times brighter lighting environment due to Broca-Sulzer Effect.


C. Extremely High / Low temperature Durablity

Lumen maintenance under extreme temprature environment test is undergoing for years.
The result at 50℃ and 25℃ below zero shows high lumen maintenance while
taht of 80℃ shows similar decrease as LM80 report for LED package.


D. Energy Consumption Class I LED Lighting