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* LED Lighting Life Span depends on Capacitor Used(Patented!!) *

LED lighting is known as Solid State Lighting with 50,000hr life-span but, the
liquid capacitor, one of the major components in power converter, lasts only 1,000hr and causes 73% of power failure
AC direct Driver was proposed years ago as an alternative solution and believed to be a solution but,
low power conversion efficiency hold it back to be major player in LED lighting industry.


1. Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS)


SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply) is an electronic power converter and incorporates
Liquid Capacitor and switching regulator to convert electrical power from AC mains to DC efficiently.
Unlike a linear power supply, the pass transistor of a switching-mode supply continually
switches between full-on and full-off states. They are, however, more complicated;
their switching currents can cause electrical noise problems if not carefully suppressed,
consequently simple designs may have a poor power factor.


2. Life Span of Electrolytic Capacitor


The performance of Capacitor depends on the pure nature of electrolyte used in the capacitor mainly,
evaporation of liquid which is governed by several factor such as operation temperature, ripple current and input voltage.
Its lifespan follows Arrhenius Rule(10 degree rule).


For instance, SMPS is designed to maintain below 65℃ at ambient temperature(25℃) following the formula.
Refer to the Life-span calculated for the case of Ta 25℃ and 35℃


3. AC Direct Driving Feature


Below graph shows AC Direct driving pattern which prepares
several block of LED array and change the # of LED per AC main input Voltage changes.
It doesn't require Liquid Capacitor and for the reason, it attracts a lot of attention but
its low power conversion efficiency is the limiting factor.


4. Comparison of Power Convertor performance


Our power supply circuit, SOLIDRIVE(Solid Capacitor Power Supply, US Patented) utilizing
long-lasting Solid Capacitor along with semiconductor components achieved over
90% power conversion efficiency and low electromagnetic noise.