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1. LED Lighting as a New Business


In year 2017, There are about 700 LED luminaire makers,
too many for the size of the market, in Korea. In addition to that,
Business recession leads more and more company seek for new business opportunity
in LED Lighting. The market itself is attractive considering relatively low entrance fee and
easy item to knock on the foreign market with as small and medium sized enterprenure.

But, it is not as easy at casual glance as it seems, most cases,
the new player encounters unexpected hindrance which may risk its business life.
Considering our experience as a conculting and test service provider to LED makers
for the last decades, the failure cause can be catagorized in to

(1) the lack of R&D Infra,
(2) Marketing capability,
(3) field failure increase.

In general, LED lighting development requires 1year-priod with
at least 2 experts in the field and the business success and failure is under the conrol of
Marketing capability and Positioning and the field failure of the products.


* LED Core Tech Trand *

2. What is Light Engine?


LED lighting consists of LED module, lens, heatsink and power supply and
Zhaga Consortium to standardize lighting components into compatible module called Light Engine.
Its goal is to provide compatibility on lighting module but it is no good to small or medium sized players.
So thus, They are successful on some limited application and fail to embrace new technology
(Maybe they didn't want new tech. or player come in and share the stake.)


3. Light Engine Proposal


As metioned above, the key to the LED lighting business success is

1) Min. R&D Cost => Light Engine,
2) Market Positioning => Market oriented product,
3) Low Failure => SCPS(Solid) Power Circuit

Solidrve(Solid Capacitor Power Technology) light engine
can provide the solution to the all 3 requiremenets.


* Manufacturing Cost Comparison as of Year 2015 (100W Highbay) *