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2015~2017 Registered patent for SCPS in USA Applied for patent on a frequency-control flickering LED driving device (14 foreign countries) Lighting device supplier for Parkland, Pulmuone, Electro Land Dongwon Industries, and Tire Bank Delivered canopy lights to 500 or more domestic gas stations Replacing streetlights and security lights in Southeast Asian countries 2012~2014 Moved into a new factory in Gimcheon Attracted KB investment venture funds Acquired ISO 9001 certification Registered patent for glass greenhouse-based photovoltaic power generation systems Attracted SBC R&D funds 2002~2011 Developed BSDF evaluation systems Selected as Inno-Biz (SMBA) Authorized as a venture business Registered patent for temperature control modules for evaluation of LED characteristics Registered international patents for 3D view angle measurement systems