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Luminous Flux Test System (LMS Series)

Luminous Intensity Distribution Test System


◐ PWM power supply 24V 2A at 32 duty 1kHz
◐ Temperature control 25℃~ 85℃ ± 0.2℃
◐ Opto-electrical property
◐ Optical property of LED luminaries
vs. ambient temperature
vs. Driving condition

LMS(Lamp Measurement System) is designed to measure luminous flux and spectrum distribution of various lamps.
It consists of integrating sphere, spectrometer, power supply, temperature control unit and software which is optimized with the system.
Integrating spheres are supplied in various sizes such as 2”, 4”, 12”, 20”, 40”, 60”, 80” and also configurable to meet customer’s specific applications.
The characteristic of LED as a light source is very different depending on the ambient temperature.
But, our Lamp Measurement System is adopting the origin patent technology for electro-optical characteristic assessment according to the driving temperature.


Main Program




Opto-elecrtical property vs. operation Temp.

The ambient temperature increases, the wavelength shift occurs (typically 0.1 K 0.3nm/in). In the case of high-efficiency devices,
the intensity of radiation decrease as below, B (-0.05%/oC) = >W (-0.3%/oC) = >G (-0.35%/oC) = >R (-0.83%/oC) = >A (-1.05%/oC). When you design a product,
controlling driving condition is costly, so it is highly recommended that using the best device or product in a specific driving condition.
Therefore, our origin patent for the atmosphere temperature electro-optics attribute evaluation is becoming more important all over the world.
On the basis of existing optical characteristics, the LED devices’ intensity of radiation changes, by their nature,
follow the cubic linear equations depending on the surrounding temperature.
Unlike single substance, array, module or heat dissipation of the light appears different trend.
So you need temperature dependency assessment for the actual produce at driving temperature in order to improve the quality.
The following graphs show correlation characteristics of the temperature and electro-optics property.


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