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Luminous Intensity Distribution Test System (VA-3001)


◐ Wide wavelength range
◐ Sample size upto 80mm
◐ Comply with CIE condition A and B
◐ Variety of driving conditions
◐ field beam distribution

Our system measures luminous intensity of LED and Far field beam distribution by the regulation of CIE 127 prescribed condition A and B.
And also, the power supply and the detector can be configured to customer’s measurement criteria because the measurement should be conducted under a variety of driving conditions like temperature etc, by each sample.
Measurable wavelength ranges are UV, VIS and NIR. When we design equipment, we optimized our equipment with customer’s criteria such as each measurable wavelength ranges and samples.
Electrical and optical data like I-V-L &angle vs.
luminance, dominant wavelength, color coordinates, color temperature, color rendering and so on can be printed.


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