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Luminous Flux Measurement


◐ Easy Operation
◐ Compatible with Luminous Intensity meter
◐ Temperature Control available
◐ Spectrometric Analysis

LED-Master 120 consists of integrating sphere, temp.
control module, power supply and spectrometer to meet customer satisfaction and is equipped with proven design for several LED jigs.
Standard spectral analysis ranges from 380 to 780nm and can be extended to UV and NIR.
User friendly operation program can measure luminous flux, Efficacy, color rendering index and I-V-L sweep function.




Luminous Intensity Module(MCD-100)


Simple and easy operation Module

Luminous Intensity Module(LIT-150)


Temp. dependency of Luminous Intensity
15℃ ~ 120℃

Sample Data


Luminous Flux variation per Ambient Temp.


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