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More Brighter(3 fold)! More Cheaper(84%)!

* Cold Storage Warehouse below - 25oC OK!!
(Energy Consumption 1 Grade LED Bulb)

1. Optimized Beam Distribution gureentees high Energy Saving


[Warehouse illuminance Simulation(Install height : 9m)]


2. Short Return of Investment


Energy Consumption Class I, LED lamp with high efficacy(40W, 130lm/W) and
warehouse optimized Beam Distribution can achieves 3 fold increase in illuminance
(30lx → 100lx) compared to EL 100W. (75% reduction to EL 100W, 84% to MHL 250W)

[Warehouse EL 100W replacement Energy Saving]


* Criteria : # of lamp, 250ea / 15hr/d / 30days / 130won/kWh

3. Easy Installation(Mogul : E39/E40)


Remove EL, BL lamp or MHL bulb from its socket in reflector and screw LED Lamp in
Self installation and maintenance is possible!!


4. Increased stability under High / Low Temp. & Humidity


Warehouse and Cold Chain Storage lighting experiences more failure than any other usage due to
mal-functioning of liquid capacitor under cold temperature and high humid environment
SCPS(Solid Capacitor Power Supply, US patented) power supply circuit technology
based LED lamp replaces liquid capacitor with film capacitor.