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More Brighter(1.6 Times)! More Cheaper(84% Down)!

Enhanced Illuminance and side light attract customer
Save upto 84% replacing Metal Halide(250W) with LED Bulb(40W)

1. Short ROI(Retrun of Investment)


LED Canopy lighting(HBS-100L, 40W, 130lm/W) shows 84% energy saving while
other's(100W, 100lm/W) can only save 60% by replacing 250W Metal Halide Lamp
Its high lumen output and stable Solidrive power supply can make the ROI within 1yr & 0.2% Field failure.

Canopy Lighting Energy Saving Comparison

“ Gas Station Satisfaction No.1


* Basis : # of lamp 16ea / 10hr/d / 30days / 130won/kWh

2. Optimized Beam Distribution for Gas Station


It's MHL like side light Beam Distribution design can gureentee
high illuminance and easy driver recognition from far away
unlike corn canopy light with side light only or flood light with high illuminance.

1.2 times brighter due to Broca-Sulzer Effect!!


3. Easy installation and Maintenance


Lamp base is designed with Mugul(E39/40) to screw in to the MHL base after ballast remover.
Self-installation and maintenance is possible.



[Gas Station Canopy Light reference]


[Oversea's Gas Station light replacement]